British made retro bicycle bells

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Retro brass bicycle bells made in England

About Us

As far as we know, we are the only company currently manufacturing bicycle bells in the UK. We produce high quality bells that will enhance the look of any bicycle. The design is retro. The sound is loud and clear with a long sustain. All parts of the bell are made from corrosion-resistant materials.

The Location

Parts are manufactured in Birmingham and Barnsley, England. The bells are assembled in Manchester.

The Materials

All our bell domes are made from solid brass, and are shaped for a beautiful sound. The finish is natural unlacquered that can be polished, or left over time to develop an attractive patina. The mounts are manufactured from laser-cut stainless steel for corrosion resistance. (Bells from other manufacturers use plated mild steel that will eventually rust.)

The Design

The striker mechanism is positioned outboard of the dome. This means that the bell is struck on the "live" part of the dome to ensure a loud and musical sound with a long sustain. (Bells from other manufacturers position the striker on the "dead" bottom edge of the dome. This results in a dull clunk and muted tone.)

The Sound

The sound has a musical quality that is loud and clear with a long sustain. Click on the PLAY button below to listen.

And some great feedback...

"I didn't think I could be so happy about a bell."

"It has the magical property of always making people smile!"

"Imagine the most perfect pure singing bell sound that cuts through chaos, and rings out for what seems like half a minute. It's a textural sound that takes you back to your youth. The joy of just riding - it's a sound that IS the voice of your pride and joy. That is its soul!"

Custom Engraving

All our natural brass bells can be personalised with an engraved name or message in a variety of type styles. A selection of gift packaging is also available - Get yourself a tinnie!

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